When to Upgrade Your Septic System

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It’s every homeowner’s or business owner’s nightmare to have a septic sewage backup in their home or building. Having a disgusting odor lingering in the yard is a close second. If you’re experiencing either of the above, it may be time to replace your entire septic system or some of its components. But before you decide to take out the tank, call a septic professional for tests and a thorough inspection.

So, how do you know when do you need to upgrade your septic system? Here are some thoughts from local excavating contractors in Stanly County, NC.

Pinpoint the problem

Never wait to figure out why sewage is backing up in your home or business. You need to locate the problem as soon as possible so it can get fixed. To do this, open the lid to the septic tank and take note of the water level. Water that is higher than the designated level means the problem is inside the tank. Water that is too low is a sign the problem may be somewhere else in the plumbing system.

The pros will recommend getting the tank pumped as your next step. Pumping clears out the tank and gives the septic system a fresh start at doing its job. This helps the technician pinpoint the cause of the problem so they can fix it, such as removing blockages to get things flowing properly again. If the problem is not a simple blockage, then the issue may be with your septic tank.

Figure out if the tank can be repaired

The most common septic tank problems are typically quick and easy to diagnose and fix, like standing water or horrid odors being caused by a damaged pipe. The pipe can be replaced; the septic tank will be up and running again as soon as the connection is reestablished. If the backup is occurring somewhere else in the house, the system may need to be flushed to get the water flowing correctly again.

Figure out if the tank or its components need replacing

A septic system that still isn’t working properly after thorough inspections and solid repairs may need a full or partial upgrade. This is a last resort, as the process to replace a septic system is pricy and inconvenient to you. However, replacing the tank or its components will get things flowing smoothly again and stop sewage backups from damaging your house or yard.

Call a septic professional and an excavation contractor

Specific tools, equipment and knowledge are all needed to perform a complete septic tank inspection, so be sure to call a reputable septic company for the job. Once a septic technician confirms you need a septic system upgrade, you’ll need to hire an excavation contractor. They will check out the job site before your new septic system installation proceeds, providing excavation services for your septic project as needed.

For more information about what excavating contractors in Stanly County, NC can do for your septic project, call Thompson Grading & Hauling, Inc. We’re happy to address your questions and concerns!

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