What to Know About the Work of Grading Companies in Stanly County, NC

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If you’ve got a piece of property and have a new construction project planned for the near future, there are a variety of important steps you’re going to need to go through on that land, including excavating the area, pouring the foundation and clearing the land of brush and trees you do not want to keep on the property or that would be in the way of the project. One of the most important components of the early phase of your project is going to be grading the land.

Here’s some information you should know about the services of grading companies in Stanly County, NC and why the process is so important for construction projects of all types.

What exactly is involved with land grading?

Land grading is also referred to as land leveling in some circumstances. This process follows the excavation process. The general idea is that grading crews take dirt from higher spots on the property and use it to fill in lower spots, essentially leveling off the land.

The goal of the process is to create a flatter, smoother landscape that eliminates many elevation variations, offering a level base for contractors to work with during the building process. This level base makes it much easier to lay a foundation correctly, plant cover crops and lay down new sod.

In addition, grading services also work to slope the land away from construction sites, which helps to facilitate proper drainage. The water runs away from the construction site to other parts of the property, and once the project is complete, the water runs away from the building, avoiding seeping down into the foundation and causing potential damage over the course of time.

Why is the land grading process so important?

Having even, level ground is absolutely crucial to the success of many construction projects. If a project is built on uneven ground, there are going to be some significant problems with water drainage. A lack of proper grading will result in poor drainage. Rather than the water being pushed away from the building, it could instead flow toward the building, which would mean that during periods of very heavy rainfall, water will gather around the foundation of the building. This will result in vegetation being washed away, and could cause damage to the cinder blocks and create a threat of interior water damage and flooding.

Therefore, grading services from skilled, reliable professionals are vital to any construction project. It provides a more solid base for the actual construction, and provides a solution for water drainage that remains effective long after the project is actually completed. This prevents damage to the surrounding topography, as well as to the building itself.

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