Five Reasons to Hire Demolition Contractors in Stanly County, NC to Tear Down an Old Building

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A residential building or commercial structure may look to be in good shape, but a closer assessment could prove otherwise. There are indeed times when demolition is the best option, although the reasons that an old building needs to be demolished vary.

Sometimes the property owners just want to expand their homes, other times the reason is completely out of the owner’s control. Another common reason to demolish a building has to do with value—a structure is worth less than the land it’s on.

Is demolition the right route for you? Take a look below! Here are five of the most common reasons property owners hire demolition contractors in Stanly County, NC to tear down an old building:

  1. Unsafe foundation: A weak foundation under a building can be dangerous for the people on the inside and around the building. Signs of a weakened foundation includes uneven flooring, cracked interior and/or exterior walls and cracks on the foundation base itself. A few things can cause a weak foundation, but the cause seen most often is degraded materials that no longer hold the home together. To eliminate this unsafe situation, it may be best to demolish the building.
  2. Built with dangerous materials: A lot of (but not all) older buildings are found to contain so many hazardous materials that the best thing to do is to demolish or partially demolish them. Want to take a stab at what dangerous material older homes frequently test positive for? The answer: asbestos.
  3. Vacant lot going up for sale: If a residential or commercial building is in poor condition, the property owner may have it and the land it sits on appraised. Should the appraisal come back showing the building is worth way less than the land it occupies, the owner might decide to demolish the building and prep the land for selling. Demolishing the building before selling the property may be incredibly beneficial, especially since this makes the vacant lot more desirable to buyers.
  4. Building codes or zoning laws change: Your local government may change building codes, or your local zoning laws might update regulations. If either of these are the case, a property owner could be required to make expensive renovations that do nothing for the value of their home. To avoid useless renovations, a property owner may choose to demolish their current building and build an all-new one that meets the new regulations.
  5. Building is old: A building that is very old may have a foundation that is weak or not solid. But, we’re not talking about a building that is 20, 30 or 40 years old. A very old building that has 80 years plus on it may not be worth remodeling or fixing up; in fact, unless it’s a historic building, it may be better to just tear it down.

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